Bygone Family

Sometimes you don’t know what you have missed until it is no longer there. I have certainly felt that a bit recently, especially with regards to my Dad who passed away just over five years ago. I have started to develop a big regret about not listening to stories about the family and his childhood, and now it is too late to listen.

With this firmly in my mind, and after watching the recent episodes of the BBC series ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, I have decided to jump into looking into my family tree.

One thing my Dad did for me was to start a book on the family tree of the Peppers. Incredibly, there is a line back to my xx times great grandfather born in 1815. My Dad did this in the time before the internet and the websites like and co. It is astonishing to think that he was able to go back nearly 200 years as it then was without the aid of the net!

With a solid line established for my Dad’s paternal line, I have my Dad’s maternal line to look into and the Middleton family. You never know, there may be a connection between me and the Duchess of Cambridge! But joking aside, I am looking forward to researching this line of the family hailing from Nottingham and the lace trade (or so I am led to believe).

I also want to investigate my Mum’s family as I do not know much about the family other than my Nan. Again, it is another regret that I didn’t spend the time asking questions before. After some initial searches, I cannot get past my great grandmother on my Mum’s maternal line so that will be an interesting search to uncover.

One thing is for certain during my digging into my family trees, I am going to visit my family on both sides and find out as much as I can from those who might be able to help and fill me in on some of the stories from by-gone days.

I will post updates from my search here as I find things out.

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